Monday, November 21, 2011

Inspirational People - Peter Legge

I attended one of Peter Legge's seminars who was a very inspiring person to listen to and meet. I thought it was really interesting and a good reminder to mention a part in his seminar that summarized in a list good habits we should constantly do as "habits".

27 Success Habits
1. Never give up in either success or failure
2. Believe you have intrinsic value
3. Follow through
4. Feed your mind
5. Goal setting 
6. Keep it simple
7. Punctuality
8. Move quickly
9. Be courteous to everyone
10. Serve the community
11. Acknowledge people who are more successful than you
12. Work out and be healthy
13. Return phone calls and emails within 24 hours
14. Dress smartly
15. Focus on your own unique gifts
16. Self disipline
17. Life long optimist
18. Difference between marketing and sales
19. Be hard working
20. Positive attitude
21. Make people feel important
22. Accumulate money
23. Find strength through adversity
24. Being yourself
25. Prosperous mindset
26. Do things that failure do not like to do
27. Balance your life

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