Monday, July 25, 2011

Peng You (Friends)

I'm currently and continually learning how to speak Mandarin. I'm not much for learning a language in a classroom but I find Youtube very helpful to learn a language quicker as your brain retains things better with visuals and sound using videos and songs with English subtitles. I came accross this famous and well known song from China when I first organized a Mandarin meetup group on  I remembered a Caucasian lady named Katherine who was quite fluent in Mandarin shared this song in the video below. Till this day, I've always remembered the melody and the lyrics. She was absolutely inspiring as she spoke Mandarin so well and was very helpful volunteering her time to teach others and using creative ways to teach the language. This group still continues to meet up regularly. It's quite a large group of sometimes 10-20 people that usually meets up a once or a few times a month. Great way to make new friends and learn a language at the same time!

This is simple song to learn. The lyrics are very the meaningful. It's about being friends till the end.

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