Sunday, February 6, 2011

WOW Vancouver - Public Speaking Event

Do you have a fear of public speaking? If you do and want to overcome the fear or want to improve your public speaking skills, I absolutely recommend going to a club like Toastmasters. It's a great place to make new positive thinking friends that are in the same mind set of looking for self improvement and growth.

I find it so fascinating to watch and listen to someone preform an amazing speech that totally "wows" you. I myself just recently joined Toastmasters and I wish someone had pushed me to not fear going to it long ago when I first tried to join. As the quote says "it's never to late to start, it's always to late to wait". I feel fine at speaking to small groups or one on one with my clients, however, when it comes to prepared speeches and speaking in front of an audience without using my notes, I'm terrified! Public speaking is a very valuable and useful life skill to have that can open many opportunities. Just the other night I had the privilege to attend a WOW Vancouver event held by Toastmasters. I was pretty impressed with all the speakers preforming in front of a 250 person audience. It would totally recommend to attend this event the next time it comes around in your area. Very inspiring! It's free to attend for non-members too!

If you haven't heard of Toastmasters, it's a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve the communication, public speaking and leadership skills. Through its thousands of member clubs, Toastmasters International offers a program of communication and leadership projects designed to help men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening, and thinking. Here's a link to more information:

There's a club located pretty much everywhere. To find one in your area, you can click on this link.

I had the privilege to meet and watch Joe Roberts speak. He's known as the "Skid Row CEO". A person who was once homeless and a drug addict and now today an author, CEO and internationally sought after professional speaker who motivates and inspires audiences worldwide.

I'm currently reading his book signed by him. Another great book to read!

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Seven Secrets to Profit From Adversity: Success Against All odds

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